Beet Juice Powder

What is beetroot powder?

Beet Juice Powder is becoming a common sight in the supplement aisles of supermarkets and drug stores. One tablespoon of this powder is equivalent to a single ripe beet. Professional bakers have been using beetroot powder for a long time due to its natural rich red color and it is often used as a coloring agent in pasta sauce or salad dressing. Beets also contain a lot of natural sugar so that the powder lends a little sweetness to the recipes. However, most of the time you cannot discern the taste even though you get all the health benefits of beets.

How you can use beet powder

Beetroot powder can be added to virtually any recipe. Let us look at some ideas of including this nutritious powder into your diet.

Beet Juice Powder

  • Add it to pasta sauce
  • Mix it into the batter for pancakes
  • Blend it with smoothies or your favorite breakfast ingredients
  • Make pink pavlova by mixing it with whipped egg whites
  • Use it to make tinted muffins
  • Add it to dips or soups
  • Blend it into juices
  • Add it to your favorite salad dressing

It is a good idea to opt for organic beet powder because it will have all the nutritious benefits of beet roots without the harmful chemicals like pesticides and artificial fertilizers. At the same time, you also get beet powder from beets grown in mineral rich organic croplands. The methods of harvesting the beets and manufacturing the powder are state of the art and this is why the beet powder contains all the nutrients contained in raw ripe beets. There are many bio-active phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes in this powder that are also present in raw ripe beets.

Benefits of beetroot powder

One of the major benefits of beet root powder is that it contains a color pigment known as betalain. This pigment is a powerful nutrient which is also fungicidal and anti-inflammatory. Betalain is essentially a phytonutrient which has a deep magenta color. Apart from the qualities mentioned these compounds also detoxify the body deeply. Out of all the betalains there are two main ones called betanin and vulgaxanthin. They help in protecting the body against the damage caused by free radicals. These two super nutrients also help in removing the harmful toxins that get into the body via food, water and air.

The other significant phytonutrient in Beet Juice Powder is betaine which is critical for the proper functioning of the kidney and liver. Betaine helps in the recycling of the methionine which an amino acid that maintains the levels of s-adenosyl-methione in the body. Betaine helps the liver in the processing of fat and helps in reducing the accumulation of fatty tissues. This is especially good for patients who have developed any liver disease due to excessive alcohol consumption

Beetroot powder also acts as a cleansing agent and improves the pH of the blood. ÏT flushes the fatty deposits from the blood and enhances blood circulation. It is a major catalyst which helps in the building of a healthy supply of blood and detoxifies the liver and spleen. According to research beet root powder is also very beneficial for menstruating women

Beet roots contain a lot of nutrients like phosphorous, potassium, calcium and iron. They are also a great source of magnesium, which is helps the body in the absorption of calcium. There is a high amount of vitamins A, B and C including folate which helps in the production of insulin in the body and is necessary for pregnant women to avoid birth defects in the unborn child.

Beet root powder is also a rare source for DMG dimethylglycine which enhances the strength of the cardiovascular system. The American Heart Association suggests that consuming beet powder can help in maintaining the health of the heart and keep the blood pressure low.

Why you should consume beet powder

Beets have been used as a treatment for ailments by our ancestors since the middle ages. They also encourage good digestion and blood flow. People today can benefit from the same nutritional qualities of ripe and raw beets by consuming beetroot powder. There is a difference in the powder obtained by drying up whole beets and then grinding them into powder. On the other hand powder obtained from the juice of beets is obtained by extracting the juice from the beets and then it turns into a fine powder which is much more beneficial than the powder obtained from dried beets.